We create customer acquisition and retention tools

We reduce our clients' cost per acquisition, cross sell other products, increase retention and increase customer value!


We have a suite of proven products client-ready or in development that are perfect for capturing the attention and imagination of users, whether that be a fantasy football product, a score predictor or a "request-a-bet" builder.

Join Us on Our Journey

We are currently going through an investment round with the money raised being used to scale up the company by growing the team, developing more world class products and marketing those products.


Some key facts about us to whet your appetite:

4 UK Gambling Licences including casino and sportsbook

Backed by prominent gambling industry heavyweights

Blockchain technology integration roadmap in place

US patent pending

6 agreed or signed B2B deals across 4 continents


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The Executive Team

John Gordon

Chief Executive

By trade a Chemical Engineer specialising in design, John has worked globally with some of the world’s biggest energy companies. Living in Trinidad and Tobago when he came up with the idea for Premier Punt, he quit his job, moved back to the UK and has not looked back! As CEO, John balances the overall leadership of Premier Punt Group, along with driving forward the design and technology that underpin the success of the company to date.

Victor Pronk

Investor & Board Advisor

Victor is a Dutch national that has been living in Curacao for the last 12 years. He has an educational background in business and information technology. Being a serial entrepreneur for over 20 years, he has been able to advise PPG operationally on a broad spectrum of subjects. Where in the first 10 years of his career he was focused on software development, the last 10 years have been on the gambling industry. His ventures serve both online and land based gambling operators, mostly in Mexico and LatAm.

Jonathan Wardman

Finance Director

Stewart Gove


Chris Rae

Operations Executive

Andy Daykin



Premier Punt Group's Evolution

Premier Punt Group began life as a business to consumer (B2C) fantasy football betting website and app.

However, our quest to constantly evolve brought with it the realisation that there was demand for our fantasy football product, not just from consumers, but from other businesses too.

This realisation gave us a new focus for the company – business to business (B2B) deals. We now use the B2C operation as a live testing environment and once the products have been tested in the UK we license them to partners both abroad and in the UK.

We originally created these tools for the gambling industry so that users could experience social gaming with a natural pathway into actual gambling. For our flagship B2C product, Premier Punt, we attracted users by providing a free-to-play fantasy football tournament before upselling sportsbook and casino. We tailored sportsbook bets to each user based on their fantasy line-up.

This app, along with the other products we have in development, can be applied to other industries too. After all, the problems of high customer acquisition cost and low customer retention are not confined to the gambling industry.

Deals in 14 Countries Worldwide

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